Inside the Studio


Inside the Studio
Elliott Lunson

How long have you been preparing for your first friday opening at Kamiposi?

It has been a year since I’ve started thinking about my show on august 5th. The last two months, since I have the access, I’ve been working at Kamiposi day in and day out.

What has been your musical inspiration during the set up of your opening?

All different kinds of music has helped me along my art making path. Some of course has to deal with my mood. I listen to anything from extreme metal, jazz, mars volta… or something relaxed and chill like Radiohead or Boards of Canada. Sometimes musical vibrations inspire the colors I use.

How does this new body of work differ from your old body of work?

I can find a lot of similarities in my old and new work. There is a consistency i can see as far back as college. Thats where i found my love for repetition. Doing ceramics with my teacher Chris Stanley from UTPB made me realize the impact of doing things in multiples.

I’ve always been interested in the bizarre and the weird darkness, its always shown up in my work. In the last year or so Ive been really drawn towards wheat pasting and xerox copies. Theres no better way to achieve repetition than with a copy machine.

Name three artists that have influenced you through out the years.

This is always such a hard question to the answer but in my earlier years, H. R. Geiger, Salvador Dali, these were my boys, and especially heavy metal album covers. These were my younger influences for sure. Lately, but Yayoi Kusama has really intrigued me. Plus Chuck close, Francis Bacon, and of course the massive amounts of talented street artists. But, mainly I look to my close friends and family who are all great artists as well.

How do you balance being a full time art teacher, self employment, being a husband, parent and still manage to produce art?

There is a careful balance. Really, I don’t know how I do it, sometimes its tricky. I always try to keep the family first the best that I can. After teaching all day I don’t usually have enough energy to make art. I get off work and like to spend my time with my wife and kids making dinner and hanging out. After my daughter is asleep if I still have energy I will work on art.

Being an art teacher keeps my skills sharp because my job is centered around creating. The kids really keep me motivated. Plus, having the summers off gives me the time to concentrate on perfecting my craft. It is a busy life but incredibly fulfilling. It gives me a feeling of purpose.